How to verify your mobile app idea quickly? Check this solution

You don't want to lose your assets just to learn your app is crap and no one wants to use it. Be smart to verify your idea first.

Many of us sometimes come up with a great killer-app idea. Yet not everyone has time or skills to create it. How to verify app idea quickly?

If only there were something to fill that gap… Wait, there is such thing. It is FlutterFlow. Great tool for programmers and non-programmers. It enhances programmers skills, and completes lack of skills for everyone else.

Why you need to verify your app idea?

Building application takes a lot of time and money. You don’t want to lose those assets just to learn your idea is crap and no one wants to use it. When I didn’t know how to code, I thought “when I know how to code, I will constantly create apps and one of them will be a great hit!”. Yeah. I didn’t know how time-consuming it actually is.

Also, when you spend a lot of time to create something and to bring your million-dollar idea to life, and it does not work well – you may burn out.

To make sure you won’t lose time or money, you need to make sure that everyone will love (or just need) your great project.

Verify app idea

What are possibilities to verify your app idea? Tools that allow to quickly introduce consumers to your functionalities. I tried few of them: Adalo, AppGyver and Glide. But none of them is as great as the new player on the market – FlutterFlow.

Why FlutterFlow?

FlutterFlow is one of these types of no-code/low-code tools which does not keep you bound with it. Anytime you want, you can leave it and keep all your work. How is it so? They allow you to download whole projects code and still develop it by programming. Developers may be happy to learn that it also has integration with GitHub, so you can easily cooperate with FlutterFlow builder and resolve conflicts.

App builder in FlutterFlow
Builder in FlutterFlow (my app is not that amazing as its title says, but believe me – possibilities in FlutterFlow are great)

But that’s not all. FlutterFlow is a great tool to verify app idea because you can easily build functional app in it. You can add a backend to your app (Firebase) and develop it further later without losing your current progress. Such openness for programmers involvement allows you to move it to fully programmed solutions for backend or functionalities in your app. You simply add your code to the previously built user interface.

Let your team work 10x faster

But that’s not all that FlutterFlow is good for. In companies specializing in mobile app development it is great optimization in cooperation between UI designer and developer. In Stonks this tool helps us deliver apps much faster. Designer creates user interface in FlutterFlow, developer pulls it from GitHub and adds code for complex features. Building apps this way is highly efficient, and the client does not have to compromise with lack of some features as in many no-code tools.


In the era of no-code we must keep track on tools we use. Some of them do not want us to go away from them, and we must consider if we can accept those limitations. But still, we have other, more user-friendly options – just like FlutterFlow, which we highly recommend using to verify your app idea and also to build a fully pledged production app.

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