Android NumberPicker customization and alternatives

Some of the android components are not as easy to customize as we would expect them to be. What is more, sometime they don’t work as expected, and we need to look for some workarounds to solve these issues. Here I will cover possible personalization on standard NumberPicker supplied with Android SDK, and also I…

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Cloud for Full stack mobile project

While building standalone mobile application, usually you don’t need to worry about Cloud solutions. If you need some data, you probably store it on Firebase, authentication is most likely covered by Firebase as well. But when It comes to building Full stack mobile project, where you have your backend, you should be thinking of choosing…

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Intellij plugin development – Why bother?

Do you sometimes feel that software engineering is monotonous, repetitive, or even boring? Yeah, sometimes it is, when you become swagger documentation to code converter, or writing for hundredth time persistence handling. Usually framework takes care of such boring tasks, but you will always find something repetitive. This is where you could find IntelliJ plugin…

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Which dependency injection in Flutter is the best?

Dependency Injection is not a common thing in Flutter. You may ask “how is it so? I use getIt, flutter_modular or injector!”. Right, those solve the same issue—dependency hell. But those are service locators and not dependency injection libraries. Then which dependency injection in Flutter is the best? tl;dr None is the best, but injectable…

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